Entotox Public Health
Entotox Public Health Entotox Public Health

Wasp and Fly Trap non toxic

  • Wasp and Fly Trap made of polyester
  • height 21.5 cm – diameter 16.5 cm2 Weight: 200 g
  • Environmentally friendly wasp traps that provide a comfortable environment indoors and outdoors free of wasps or Flies.
  • Reliably and efficiently attracts wasps and Flies 24 hours a day.
  • Use fruit juice or another sweet drink as bait for Wasps and special fly attractant for Flies.
  • Suspend or place on a flat base.
  • Works until it is full with wasps or Flies. Empty and then fill with new bait. Be careful when emptying the jar if used as wasps trap, some wasps may still be alive.
  • Includes 1 flies’ pheromone bag
  • Available: Lebanon