Entotox Est. was created in 1969 in Lebanon and became throughout the years a leader in the pest control field in Lebanon. After several changes in its Legal form and name entotox acquired its actual name:


In 2006, Entotox shareholders decided to expand outside Lebanon and offer Entotox services in other Middle East countries. In 2007 Entotox public health started operating in Saudi Arabia- Jeddah and soon expanded to all regions throughout KSA.

End of 2012 Entotox public health started operating in Doha- Qatar.

Entotox Vision

Entotox vision is to keep on growing and servicing the pest management industry in the Middle East and Africa on the highest standards and to grow while keeping the same high quality services.

Entotox Mission Statement

Entotox mission is to find solutions for pests’ problems while minimizing the use of pesticides and their exposure to people and the environment. Thus Entotox’ job is to protect people from pests and the environment from harmful pesticides. This is done by continuously developing new working systems that provide solutions to pest problems and safeguard the environment.


With thousands of clients serviced every year, Entotox is one of the largest providers of pest management services in the Middle East. Entotox services cover pest management to industrial, commercial, public and residential areas. In addition to its services Entotox supplies pest control products.

With the application of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) into every treatment program and the follow up of pest problems on a client-by-client basis, Entotox offers the best pest management services in the Middle East.

Its treatment programs are tailor made for every client according to his needs. Opposite to other Pest Control Operators (PCOs), Entotox is proud to offer its clients, complete management of pests in their premises with a minimum number of treatments and minimum exposure to pesticides.

Our goal at Entotox is to provide to our clients a pest free environment not just to deliver pesticides to their premises.

What is IPM (Integrated Pest Management)?

IPM is a comprehensive approach to controlling pests, which includes non-chemical control methods together with the prudent use of pesticides.
IPM is based upon regular inspections, accurate identification of pests and of the specific area actually infested.
IPM prevents pest problems by eliminating pest habitat, and access to food, water, and other essential needs.
IPM requires that you decide when the pest has become intolerable; zero tolerance may not be necessary for every pest.
IPM responds to pest problems with mechanical (traps, air curtains…), physical (sanitation, screens, structural repairs…) and biological controls (Sex attractants), and resorts to chemical controls last.

IPM requires an evaluation of the toxicity and exposure potential associated with any pesticide to assure that the alternative used has the lowest toxicity and lowest risk for unwanted exposure.